Tours & Lessons

IMG_5728Sterls-Websitelogo-banner  Lessons can be tailored for beginner to advanced surfers and include long-sleeved rash guards and surfboards. A typical beginner lesson starts with a 10-15 minute session on the beach, where you’ll learn how to paddle, stand up, stay up, and be safe in the water. Once you’re in the ocean, Jamie will be at your side to help you catch waves and provide instruction every step of the way. Payment is due at the end of each lesson by cash or check.
In a private lesson, you can focus on specific skills to help your surfing improve dramatically. Work on catching bigger wave, executing turns and gaining more confidence on your board.

A one-on-one lesson – $200 for 1.5 hours

Sign up with a friend or as a couple; you’ll get plenty of individual attention but enjoy the fun of learning with a partner.

A customized lesson for two people – $240 for 1.5 hours

We keep groups small to ensure everyone receives personal instruction. You’ll paddle out as a group and catch waves continuously, learning wave etiquette and honing your technique.

A customized lesson for three or more – $90 per person for 1.5 hours

Book a Surf Lesson with Jamie Sterling

For intermediate to expert surfers looking for a truly unique Oahu experience, Jamie Sterling offers guided tours tailored to each client. No matter what you ride–whether it’s a shortboard, longboard or standup paddle board–Jamie can show you secret surf spots on Oahu known only to locals, take you in to surf the big waves at Pipeline, or arrange full-day surfing trips to help you excel quickly. If you’re seeking an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime surfing adventure on Oahu, a custom tour will provide exactly what you’re looking for.

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